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    ·Phone: (407) 859-5515 or (800) 646-5267·
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"The best little warehouse in Orlando!"

We are a wholesale distributor of primarily lamps and ballasts.  We also carry an array of lighting accessories.  Call for pricing and availability.  Quantity discounts available.

                                   WE STOCK:
                                    HID Lamps and Ballasts
                                                 -Metal Halide
                                                    *Pulse Start
High Pressure Sodium
                                                -Mercury Vapor
                                            Fluorescent Lamps and Ballasts
                                                -Rapid Start
                                                -High Output
                                                -High Performance T5
                                            Quartz Halogen
                                                -Par Flood
                                            Sign Lamps and Ballasts
                                                -Channel Lettering
                                                -Various replacememt lamps
                                            Photo Cells
                                            Wire Nuts
                                            Emergency and Exit Lights   

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